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Find your DTA route on import and export via Santos

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What is Customs Transit Declaration?

The DTA regime is basically a benefit granted to cargo importers and exporters, provided they are legally authorized and released by the Customs, so that they can move their cargo from one bonded warehouse to another.

What is customs clearance?

It is the process of clearance of goods by the Brazilian customs. This procedure is required for products entering and exiting the country.

Clearance involves the verification of documents and data declared by the exporter or importer in order to confirm that the goods comply with the regulating law.

In this procedure, your shipment must go through one of the next stages, which we call parameterization.

- Green: No verification by Customs, i.e. Cargo released without restriction.
- Yellow: The registered documents will go through an analysis.
- Red: The registered documents and the physical cargo will go through an analysis, in order to verify its vericity.

Remember that a Customs inspector may request a physical or document inspection, even if the parameterization of the cargo does not have this requirement. It is always worth seeking good companies that specialize in this process (called Brokerage Houses and Customs brokers) so that you do not have any problems.