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Why choose Allink to ship your air cargo?


Air Cargo Group Member

Representative in Brazil, the platform is made up of the world´s leading neutral air cargo consolidators.


We are IATA Associate Member

Certified for the safe transportation of air cargo by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Neutralidade em nosso DNA

Neutrality in our DNA

Service focused on the segment of cargo agents, brokerage houses and customs brokers, operating in the main airports of Brazil.

Allink is the first neutral air cargo consolidator in Brazil

We are the 1st neutral air cargo consolidator in Brazil. What does that mean? That Allink has its focus on serving cargo agents, brokerage houses and customs broker.

Additional services for your import or export shipment via Air Transport

  • Pick-ups and delivery of goods
  • Tracking of your shipments
  • International insurance
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Deconsolidation of cargo, also for shipments not booked with Allink Air
  • Cargo transfer to customs warehouse

Ask questions about air cargo transportation


When should I use air transportation?

Cargo with short shelf life or perishables such as medicines, magazines, newspapers, among others, benefit from the speed that air transport offers.
Also widely used when the merchandise is urgent and relies on an agile transportation to reach its destination.

Can all types of goods be shipped via air transportation?

No, some products such as hazardous goods, for example, depending on the level of risk cannot be shipped by air, as well as goods with dimensions that do not pass through the door of the aircraft.
Our suggestion is to always consult your freight agent for the correct information and to avoid extra costs.

The plane carrying my cargo is it the same one I use on my travels?

It depends. The airline may choose to ship your cargo on a passenger flight, that is, your cargo goes on the same plane that people use for their travels. Or they use a freighter aircraft (in this type of aircraft only the crew flies).