Allink Neutral Provider
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Genuinely specialists in process intelligence and international cargo documentation.


Simplify your cargo management by using a single partner across different ports.


Your business is safe with us as we do not service the exporter and importer.

Save time

Optimize your time by focusing on your business and leave the rest to us.

What does Allink Service offer?

Port Representation

With offices across the country, you can use our structure to deliver and receive documents from your customers, at the lowest cost.

  • Freight Payment to shipping lines;
  • Release of originals and corrections;
  • Support for documents delivery and pick-up.

Deconsolidation of Merchant CE (Customs Automated System)

With a specialized team, we deconsolidate the BLs of your company with efficiency and agility.

  • Master BL Conference;
  • Deconsolidation of Merchant CE (Customs Automated System);
  • Arrival notice transmission.

Demurrage/Detention Management and Control

Avoid financial losses with demurrage/detention and take control of your container movements with Allink Service.

  • Container movement control (from the time it’s unloaded until the empty container is returned);
  • Partial billing notices and final invoices;
  • Operational and Financial Reports;
  • Management of agreements and invoices received by the shipping lines;
  • Service in all Brazilian territory.

Receiving Agent

We act as your reliable partner in Brazil, by being your receiving agent in the main ports of the country.

  • Deconsolidation of your shipment anywhere in Brazil;
  • Conference of your documents;
  • Customized reports to the needs of the contracted product;
  • Delivery of documents to the importer;
  • Collection of the freight on behalf of the origin agent and remittance upon receipt;
  • Delivery of cargo to the final destination.